Reliable Exporter - 2007
Reliable Exporter - 2008
"Reliable Exporter  - 2009"
Established in 1977, VEGETIGI has been known as one of the most leading processors and exporters of fruit and vegetable products in Viet Nam.

VEGETIGI offers a wide range of fruit juices and juice concentrates in aseptic bags, IQF frozen fruits in various cutting sizes, frozen whole fruits, fruit and vegetable products in cans, and other foodstuff products (such as quail eggs).

VEGETIGI operates three main processing lines. These include a fruit canning factory with a capacity of 10,000 tons of finished products per year, a fruit and vegetable frozen factory with capacity of 5,000 tons/year, and a fruit juice and juice concentrate processing line with a capacity of 5,000 tons/year. Besides that the annual export of fresh fruit reaches more than 10,000 tons.

VEGETIGI is located in the largest area of the tropical fruits in Viet Nam. The company also has its own 3,500 ha of pineapple plantation yielding up to 60,000 tons of fresh pineapple per year. There are also various of fruits and vegetables in the nearby area that the company processes regularly including mango, passion fruit, soursop, dragon fruit, papaya, guava, banana, coconut, aloe-vera, rambutan, sweet corn, baby corn, bamboo shoot, sweet potato, lemon grass, red chilli...

The company’s products have been exporting to various major markets like EU, the USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, and other markets of the world.

The quality management system at VEGETIGI is standardized which is ISO 9001:2008; HACCP; BRC; RSK; FDA; SEDEX; HALAL.

It’s just 80 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City port, our products are loaded into the cleaned containers at our warehouse and sent to the port in just the same day.